Please join us for these interactive sessions on advancing racial equity across the whole of government.  

November 7: Racial Equity Session at the APHA Annual Meeting 

Session title: Advancing Racial Equity in State Governments (3146) 

Date, Time, and Location: Monday, November 7, 2:30 – 4pm Eastern Time (in-person at the APHA Annual Meeting in Boston, MA)  

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  • Moderator and Organizer: Dalila Madison Almquist, Co-Lead States Strategy, State of Equity at Public Health Institute 
  • Nubia Peña, Senior Advisor – Equity & Opportunity, Office of Gov. Spencer J. Cox (Utah) 
  • Rashaad Abdur-Rahman, Founder/CEO, Racial Healing Project
  • Rohan Radhakrishna, Deputy Director of the Office of Health Equity, California Department of Public Health (California) 

This practitioner panel will feature successes, challenges, and lessons learned from incorporating racial equity into state-level government policies, practices, and culture across the country.  

There is a national movement of government leaders tackling these inequities, including proactively taking steps to provide benefits to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, prevent future harm, and repair past and current harms. While many local jurisdictions are active in this movement, this work is more nascent in state governments.  

This panel will uplift how this work is beginning to take hold at the state level and is intended to support this work to grow and deepen in impact. The panel will also give an overview of a growing network to engage and support state-level action across the country in advancing racial equity structures, practices, and network/movement-building in state government.  

Panelists will be asked to share candidly about their experiences, including describing key factors in success, policy windows they have seized, barriers they have faced, and challenges both institutional and personal. Discussion will focus on lessons learned and personal and professional growth, with an emphasis on those that may be transferrable to other settings.  

November 17-20: Facing Race National Conference 

Several members of our State of Equity team are traveling to Phoenix for the biennial Facing Race Conference. Please let us know if you’ll be there – we’d love to say hello!  

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November 17: Facing Race Pre-Conference: Working Together: Advancing Racial Equity Across the Whole of Government (sold out)

This is an exciting opportunity for state, local, regional, and federal public sector employees, as well as elected officials, to spend a day connecting with one another, exchanging information, and exploring opportunities to advance racial equity in government.  

Hosted by: The Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE), State of Equity, and Federal Initiative for Racial Equity (FIRE) 

Date and Location: Thursday, November 17th at the Facing Race National Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

Who this is for: Racial equity practitioners working in local, state, and federal government.

Our Learning Example: This session will focus on intergovernmental coordination and community participation for racial equity. We will feature leaders from the ReGenesis Project in the City of Spartanburg, South Carolina. Local leaders will share examples of resident organizing by those who stand to be most significantly harmed by environmental degradation, and the role of people working in government to create infrastructure for community participation in the decision-making that impacts their lives.