Transformative Leadership Cohort

CCORE Transformative Leadership Cohort (CCORE TLC) centers the experiences & learning of Black, Indigenous, & People of Color (BIPOC) who guide and lead racial equity work in public and public-service institutions. We create containers of support for leaders of color on their racial equity journeys, as they bring transformative institutional change in the State of California and beyond. This cohort enhances our existing work in the CCORE Learning Cohort and takes it to a new level of impact by supporting a growing cadre of organizational racial equity leaders. 


We work with a wide variety of facilitators who share their wisdom and resources with learners in the cohort. We are grateful for their partnership and support of CCORE TLC. 


Registrations open Summer 2024!

Participant Experience

2023-2024 Pilot Cohort

“It truly lived up to its name, which was “transformative.” I was truly amazed at this kind of opportunity that was available to me as a government employee. The information presented was much deeper and lifechanging than anything I would ever expect to learn in the government. I particularly loved the session about the history of race and racial construct in America and beyond. I think any human should sit on that session. I would take this experience a million times over if I had a chance.”

California Department of Aging

“The cohort was honestly a great experience. I have done other efforts/trainings and have gotten things from them but this program made me feel seen and in a safe space on top of providing resources. I appreciate the intentionality that went into the program you could feel it was a place for those of doing this work and being part of the communities were trying to effect change in.”

Sacramento Area Council of Governments

“The experience was energizing. I left with a feeling that I wasn’t alone in my journey and that there are so many others on the road with me. Many of whom I haven’t met, yet. I have a better vocabulary to describe my experience and history, and have a better understanding of how my habitat impacts me and my body. I also feel empowered to push towards the world we all deserve to live in, while acknowledging that I’m only a part of this process. I’m bringing a lot back to my organization, but also keeping a lot for myself.”

California Department of Fish & Wildlife