State of Equity is a small nonprofit team that formed in 2010 under the name Health in All Policies as part of a groundbreaking partnership with the California Department of Public Health and California Strategic Growth Council. Together we have supported the creation of California’s HiAP Task Force and CCORE, fostering collaboration between government entities, and bringing health, racial equity, and environmental sustainability to the forefront of public institutions in California.

Over the last decade-plus, State of Equity has:

  • Supported the HiAP Task Force to normalize government discussions of racial and health equity
  • Organized multi-agency work groups and collaborative commitments in fields ranging from transportation to education, land use, food access, housing, community safety, and more.
  • Advanced the field of HiAP globally and nationally, including collaborations with the American Public Health Association, World Health Organization, and Institute of Medicine on key frameworks, strategy, and capacity building; providing workshops and training to jurisdictions around the country; and writing Health in All Policies: A Guide for State and Local Governments (2013).
  • Established vehicles for advancing racial equity in state government including launching the Capitol Collaborative on Race & Equity (CCORE) in partnership with Race Forward and the Government Alliance on Race and Equity
  • Begun development of a national strategy and community of state government leaders advancing racial equity
  • Increased government accountability to community priorities related to health and racial equity, including supporting California state government to establish budgets, staffing, and subject matter expertise to support HiAP and racial equity work moving forward (ongoing); using an inside/outside organizing strategy to bring community voices to government; and supporting public government meetings to share openly about health and racial equity work and invite public input.

As our work has evolved, we recently adopted the new name ‘State of Equity’ to better reflect our equity focus and growing range of activities.

State of Equity focuses on government transformation – building capacity of staff leaders, changing government practices to better engage the communities they exist to serve, and creating structures within government to support the ongoing centering of community priorities including health and racial equity.

Our strength comes from partnerships we have built with a wide range of people and organizations, working together to move health and racial equity to the heart of public institutions at a local, state, national, and global scale.

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