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Race Forward
Local and Regional Government Alliance on Race & Equity
California Strategic Growth Council
Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice
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Thank you to our generous funders, who make this work possible:

Blue California
The California Wellness Foundation
The California Endowment

Our Approach to Partnership

Meaningful change happens when people work together. Our holistic approach has earned us a track record of successful partnerships between government, nonprofits, and philanthropy.

We work closely with state agencies to equip them with the resources and knowledge they need to promote racial equity, health equity, and climate resilience. This includes securing government funding for long-term staffing of health and racial equity work, helping government staff develop their skills, organizing and creating new government leadership structures for racial equity, and promoting strategies to make this approach part of long-term government operations.

Our partnership with government has included consultation and capacity building, engaging community when mechanisms don’t exist, and at times embedding staff inside government entities to catalyze change.

Philanthropic partnerships are critical for government transformation. Philanthropy’s unique role includes providing flexible funding to respond to emerging opportunities and needs, ensuring a durable focus on social justice values that can withstand changes in political leadership and priorities, and supporting “proof-of-concept” for transformative ideas that can ultimately be leveraged to secure public funds for continued work.