Health and Equity
in All Policies (HiAP)

Institutional and structural racism are root causes of health inequities, and must be a focus of any Health and Equity in All Policies (HiAP) work.

Since 2010, State of Equity has collaborated with the California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) and Department of Public Health to build the California HiAP Task Force from the ground up. This has included facilitating collaborative projects between over 30 units of state government, and numerous external organizations. The Task Force has been through three gubernatorial administrations, both Democratic and Republican.

State of Equity has supported a transformation of California’s HiAP Task Force over the last 4 years, institutionalizing this work in state government and supporting a more explicit focus on racial equity.

In 2019, State of Equity was instrumental in securing funds in the California state budget for a new Health and Equity Program at the SGC, which has allowed SGC to hire state-funded staff to lead the HiAP Task Force in 2020. This has been critical for the long-term durability of this work.

In 2021, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide protests for racial justice, the HiAP Task Force relaunched with a new focus to use its cross-sectoral convening capacity to address the structural barriers that many Californians face in accessing healthy, racially just, and resilient communities.

State of Equity currently serves as an advisor to the California HiAP Task Force. This includes overseeing the Community Safety portfolio of the Task Force, which involves chairing the HiAP Safe & Equitable Communities Roundtable and fostering an understanding of safety as an integral part of health. 

Community Safety and HiAP

For someone to be fully healthy, they must be safe and free from violence.

Yet the root causes of violence are complex, and government responses are often fragmented and siloed, treating symptoms rather than causes. 

State of Equity seeks to transform government so it centers and supports community-led solutions to address violence in all forms and promote safety in a more holistic and systemic manner.

Drawing on a decade-plus of experience of partnering with state government and health equity advocates on numerous cross-sector policy issues, State of Equity is uniquely positioned to champion this work.

We partner with Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ) and the Health in All Policies Task Force to normalize conversations of violence prevention and safety in government decision making spaces, break down government silos, and bring community-led solutions to the forefront.

Released in 2021, Beyond Violence Prevention is a blueprint for HiAP Task Force action within California state government, and details several policy recommendations for State action to address systemic violence within the state.

California HiAP’s Pathway to Racial Equity

Over a seven-year span, PHI’s State of Equity has supported the HiAP Task Force to establish racial equity as a key focus for all areas of work. Following are key milestones:


State of Equity surveyed California state departments and agencies about their racial equity practices, and this identified both a deep commitment to racial justice and a significant need for capacity building and coordination for state government. This put several next steps in motion:


State of Equity held a series of intra-government conversations about health and racial equity, and in 2018 we supported state government to make public commitments to health and racial equity through the creation of the HiAP Equity in Government Practices Action Plan.


State of Equity launched the Capitol Collaborative on Race & Equity (CCORE) in partnership with Race Forward and the Strategic Growth Council (SGC).


State of Equity supported SGC’s work with the Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley to gather input from stakeholders across California on priorities and barriers to advancing public health and racial equity.


Based on that input, the HiAP Task Force re-launched as a venue for coordinated state government action to address structural and procedural barriers to health and racial equity.

2022 and beyond

State of Equity remains an advisory and implementation partner for the HiAP Task Force’s racial equity work, including elevating challenges and strategies identified through CCORE.

HiAP field of practice:

Health and Equity in All Policies (HiAP) is a growing field of practice for governance and public health. State of Equity has helped to develop and test models for this approach, demonstrating how different sectors can work together to promote policies that reduce inequities and improve health outcomes for everyone.

State of Equity has helped build the California Health in All Policies Task Force from the ground up, and has collaborated with the World Health Organization, Global Network for Health in All Policies, American Public Health Association, and Institute of Medicine to develop the HiAP field of practice. This includes thought leadership, publications, case studies, workshops, trainings, and keynote addresses.

In 2013, State of Equity teamed up with the American Public Health Association and California Department of Public Health to write Health in All Policies: A Guide for State and Local Governments (2013), which is used to this day as a text and training manual in public health programs, government health departments, and health ministries around the globe.

Learn about the current work of the HiAP Task Force: